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Our Mindset

At the heart of our work lies a deep appreciation for the ingenuity of those who use our products. Every day, we are inspired by the insightful suggestions and feedback provided to us by the people who know our products best.

With every new idea comes the promise of unlocking exciting possibilities for future innovations. That’s why we are constantly seeking out opportunities to collaborate with esteemed academic institutions, cutting-edge research institutes, and forward-thinking industry partners.

Together, we can break free from traditional ways of thinking and embrace the spirit of open innovation. We believe that by working together, we can achieve great things and make a positive impact on the world around us.

Our Projects


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Prof. Dr. Annette Baur-Brandl and Prof. Dr. Massimiliano Pio di Cagno (Max) from the Southern University of Denmark (SDU) aimed to create a groundbreaking innovation – PermeaPad®. They courageously developed an entirely artificial biomimetic barrier that successfully imitates the intestinal membrane to establish an in vitro-in vivo correlation of active ingredients.

The first prototypes of PermeaPad® showcased great promise, emboldening Annette and Max to find a partner who could produce and distribute the product industrially. With their vision and industrious efforts, they collaborated with PHABIOC, even when it was still a business unit of InnoME GmbH. The combination of their expertise and this partnership will revolutionize the field of drug development.


Product available​

Through innovative and groundbreaking research led by Professor Dr. Jürgen Hubbuch, the Molecular Processing of Bioproducts research group at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology achieved a major breakthrough in high-throughput experiments. Jürgen Hubbuch, Carsten Radtke, and Marie-Therese Schermeyer developed a new approach to absorption measurement based on the Lambert-Beer law, resulting in increased reproducibility of measurements. Their ingenious invention, the SpecPlate, is a novel multi-well plate that eliminates meniscus formation commonly seen in standard plates, and is easy to implement in existing processes. In collaboration with PHABIOC, KIT is bringing this cutting-edge technology to life. This is a major advancement in the field, and KIT’s pioneering work will pave the way for future scientific discoveries.

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