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About PermeaPad®

Our mission is to integrate the innovative PermeaPad® technology (biomimetic barriers) into as many applications as possible. We want to show our customers how simple and useful in vitro permeation assays are. Our goal is to accelerate drug development and support our customers in the implementation of the 3R’s (Refining, Replacing and Reducing) of animal testing through the technology.

Microscopic image of a wetted PermeaPad® GIT Barrier.

Annette Bauer-Brandl

Professor, Department Physics Chemistry & Pharmacy University of Southern Denmark

My research focus is centered around solid dosage forms, with a specific emphasis on the development of novel biomimetic models and analytical methods relevant to the study of drug release and absorption kinetics. Our foremost objective is to improve the optimization of drug formulations while concurrently reducing animal-based testing practices via the enhancement of our ability to foresee drug bioavailability following oral administration.

To achieve this goal, we employ PlainPlates and PermaPad® in multiple formats to authentically simulate the gastrointestinal environment within which orally delivered drugs operate. Through our innovative approach, we explore the kinetic mechanisms of drug molecule release, drug colloid, and particle co-permeation. The resultant data provides unequivocal insight into the absorption of various formulations, enabling researchers to make informed decisions regarding their efficacy and safety.

Massimiliano Pio Di Cagno

Associate Professor - Section for Pharmaceutics and Social Pharmacy

My interests include physical pharmacy, as well as solubilization techniques that aim to increase the solubility of poorly soluble compounds. Furthermore, I have also studied the development of new in vitro tools, such as the PermeaPad® tool, for investigating drug permeability.

Recently, I have pioneered a unique approach for parameterizing drug diffusivity in unmixed media. This innovation has the potential to revolutionize the drug delivery industry.

If you wish to collaborate with me, please do not hesitate to contact me at:


History of PermeaPad®


Project start and the first concepts for the industrial production of the PermeaPad® GIT Barrier were established.


First prototype batch of the barrier was produced. The injection molds for the 96-well PermeaPad® plate were completed


Market launch of PermeaPad® GIT Plate and PermeaPad® GIT Barrier took place, and a patent was granted in Europe and the United States.”


More than 20 publications have already been published and the .PermeabilitySeries (webinar series) was launched.


More than 35 publications were published. The development of PermeaPad® Skin Barrier started.


Ready to use

The barrier is stored at room temperature. It is ready for use immediately: No barrier preparation necessary.

Reduce of animal tests

Using permeation data reduces animal testing.

Robust Barrier

It is possible to simulate in vivo situations. The barrier can withstand harsh environmental conditions.

in vitro
permeation assay

These products are ideal for drug permeability experiments.

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