PermeaPad® GIT

Our innovative permeability assays represent a breakthrough in both conventional vertical diffusion cells and 96-well microtiter plates. With our biomimetic GIT barrier (PermeaPad® GIT), we simulate the cell barriers of the gastrointestinal tract, oral, and nasal mucosa. This ready-to-use barrier enables easy, fast, and reproducible measurements, without pretreatment and animal testing. Due to its robustness, environmental parameters can be precisely adjusted to simulate in vivo situations. Moreover, they are compatible with liquid handling platforms.


The PermeaPlain Barrier enables the efficient investigation of the passive mass transfer of drugs based on a permeable regenerated cellulose hydrate. Regardless of the polarity of the substance, the diffusion of each drug can be analyzed through a membrane*. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for the in vitro release test (IVRT). The measurements with the barrier are easy, fast, and reproducible. The simulation of passive mass transport can be carried out by applying the PermeaPlain Barrier in a conventional vertical diffusion cell (e.g., Franz cell), side-by-side diffusion cell, or other setups.

*For research purposes only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Logan Instruments

PHABIOC is exclusive business partner for the innovative products of Logan Instruments in Europe. Logan Instruments has been a leading manufacturer of laboratory instruments for several decades, specializing in dissolution and transdermal test systems for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. The company prides itself on its three core competencies, which form the pillars of the company: INNOVATION, QUALITY and SERVICE

Logan Instruments systems have proven themselves over several decades in pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies of all sizes. These systems provide consistent data for a wide range of applications. This includes some of Logan’s newly designed dissolution and transdermal/topical systems. Logan Instruments products will maximize your experimental efficiency. From time and labor saving automated transdermal diffusion systems (e.g. System 918), or combined dissolution/permeation apparatus (PERMETRO) for finished products (tablets, capsules, powders, and liquids), to fully automated (USP-1-7) dissolution systems, there is a wide range of application solutions.



The SpecPlate is a groundbreaking multi-measurement chamber plate that sets a new standard in plate-based UV/Vis spectroscopy. It offers cost and time advantages in pharmaceutical and biotechnology research. Highly concentrated samples are accurately measured and the ANSI/SLAS standard alignment allows seamless implementation into plate-based absorbance measurements. The SpecPlate addresses and eliminates the error-prone nature of standard UV multiwell plates, combining the benefits and making it the better standard for industrial and academic research laboratories.

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